Austin Adventures Offers Online Resources for Writers and Editors Looking for Adventure Travel Concepts, Photos, Expertise and More

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Austin Adventures wants to do whatever they can to make your life easier. They have come up with several quick and easy online guides and references for writers and editors looking for adventure travel concepts, photos, expertise and more. We think they are worth a look. 

Webinars:  - A page listing upcoming educational webinars and archiving past recorded events. You might be interested in Ron van Dijk's upcoming webinar on cycling in Europe Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 5:00 pm PST.  It is worth noting that this is Ron’s 37th year in the European bike tour business; no one is a better resource for all things cycle-related in Europe than Ron! (Please contact him directly if your interest is cycle-related This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..) 

How Best to Source a Tour Operator- 10 Tips:  - A helpful consumer guide of 10 tips on how best to select the right trip with the right tour operator. 

ALA’s Top 10 Lists:  - A compilation of what Austin Adventures’s guides, staff and industry partners consider the best of the best.  You will see a diverse selection of exciting and beautiful places, amazing foods and unforgettable experiences.

  • Best Hiking Trails 

These trails belong on bucket lists. 

  • Best Biking Trails

These biking trails include challenging uphills, scenic downhills and rolling hills for the best of all worlds.

  • BestRafting Rivers

This list features the world’s most scenic and enjoyable waterways for rafting.

  • Best Hotels

These hotels offer the best combination of comfort, history and location.  

  • Best Restaurants

A “where to go” source to the best steak in Montana or the finest European fare.

  • Most Active Trips

These trips are either diverse in the activities they provide and/or the activities provided are a bit more intense than traditional trips.

  • Best Wildlife Trips

These trips bring guests to Africa's Big 5, to howler monkeys in Costa Rica or to bison grazing on the high plains of Wyoming.

  • Best Scenic Trips

These are breathtaking encounters with nature at her finest.  

Photo Gallery: - For your use and convenience Austin Adventures maintains an extensive photo gallery with high quality, professionally shot low and high res digital photos for use with any ALA article, mention or listing. This photo gallery is provided as a courtesy to authorized and approved media representatives. Please use the photos as you see fit; in return all we ask is that you credit Austin Adventures and provide us with a link or copy of your story. 

Travel Resources: - A detailed list with links of travel-related resources and information. Includes just about everything one would need for their journey: airlines, state departments, gear suppliers, weather, currency converters, health information, etc.  

Media Alert!New York Times Travel Show  Feb. 25-27. Dan and Carol Austin with Ron van Dijk will be exhibiting at the show (corner booth #560) and welcome all media to come by for some lively conversation and a little gift. If you'd like to set up a more private meeting before, during or after the show please let Sara and Dave know. 

Please utilize these great resources and let us know how we can support you in including Austin Adventures in your stories, listings and articles. Thanks! 

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