Moab Adventure Center Invites Visitors to Experience Two National Parks While Staying in Moab, Utah

MOAB, UT, July 28, 2022 – Often we’re time-stressed when we go vacation. We’re hoping to leave work and domestic schedules behind and we don’t want to be locked into routines while on holiday.

But resisting making plans can have a downside. We may miss out on the main reasons we’re traveling so far to get somewhere special. 

Take a journey to Moab, Utah, for example. This town, distinguished as the gateway to two national wonders, is nestled between the red rock landscape of Arches National Park and the incredible sandstone fantasyland of Canyonlands National Park. The National Forest of the La Sal Mountains overlooks both parks.

A visitor here can be gobsmacked by the beauty and myriad of recreational opportunities; this is especially true when they venture beyond the park borders, adventures that take a degree of pre-planning and scheduling.

“Many travelers are unsure if they should spend the time and money to see both parks. We’re here to tell you it can easily be done. Because they are strikingly different, you're in for two distinct experiences at these two extraordinary parks,” says Sierra Biggs, Manager of the Moab Adventure Center, the go-to place in the region for arranging excursions beyond park borders.

It takes only a few hours to gloss over the surface of the parks on scenic drives. However, Biggs recommends giving each park at least a full day each for some exploring on foot. Following are tours that can be arranged through Moab Adventure Center.

Arches National Park is home to the world's largest concentration of natural sandstone openings that began forming 65 million years ago as sandstone was pushed downwards by salt that was pushing up. Eventually, weather and erosion caused the otherworldly formations that visitors from all over the world travel to see. Moab Adventure Center guides showcase the most accessible of more than 2,000 arches.Arches National Park is much smaller than Canyonlands National Park and more easily accessible for driving and hiking activities. Morning or evening Sunset Arches Tours make it easy to see the most popular sites in Arches without the hassle of driving, navigating and scanning for parking spots. Do-it-yourself visitors can select their own hikes from this list of favorite hikes in Arches National Park.

Canyonlands National Park offers its own sightseeing challenges. It is spectacular for on-own drives; but interacting with this vast landscape is much more difficult than in most National Parks. A must-experience location in Canyonlands isIsland in the Sky District atop a 1,000-foot mesa with beautiful viewpoints that encircle thousands of square miles of incredible canyon country. These views offer the diversely colored landscape of southeastern Utah that many people consider to rival the views of the Grand Canyon. Suggested ways to explore include:

  • By land: Renting a Jeep (with maps provided) will provide access to the many miles of dirt roads that wind around the canyons, buttes and mazes of Canyonlands. You could drive for days on end and get quite lost without proper preparation.
  • By air: Scenic air tours offer a rare bird’s eye view of this most unique landscape.
  • By river: The Colorado River winds through the heart of this landscape, offering views that rival those found in the Grand Canyon. Several Colorado River touroptions offer the very best way to “become one with the landscape” and the powers that carved it.

For more suggestions on how to tour these parks, please see

This region anticipates another block-buster season in 2022 after the 2021 season when four of Utah’s five national parks experienced their highest ever visitor numbers. As a result, Arches National Park has implemented a timed entry ticket pilot program that went into effect this spring and continues through early October 2022. This requires that visitors wishing to visit Arches make advance reservations through Under a timed entry system, each registered visitor (an individual, couple, group or family is covered under a single booking) will be assigned a one-hour time slot between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time. They will be able to enter the park anytime during that one-hour window.

The timed entry program will not apply to tour operators who have concessions contracts such as Moab Adventure Center. The park will continue to accommodate travelers (even that same day) who book a guided tour through Moab Adventure Center. For details see and

“If tourists miss getting a reservation or something unexpected comes up, Moab Adventure Center should be able to get them in as long as we have a scheduled tour operating with space. We are not required to participate in the reservation process and are not limited by the restrictions placed on the public,” Biggs says.

Moab Adventure Center ( is a division of Western River Expeditions ( an adventure travel company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah with operations and offices in Moab and Fredonia, AZ. The company is the largest single tour provider in Moab, Utah. The Moab Adventure Center is located at 225 South Main St., Moab, UT 84532. For information and reservations please call (435) 259-7019 or (866) 904-1163. The center also has a 2,000-square-foot retail space selling adventure related gear, clothing, maps and souvenirs.

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