Resmark Systems Designs New Platform Integrating Distribution, Marketing, Sales & Operations Into Single, Streamlined Application

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Dec. 4, 2018 –A company that helps businesses manage digitally booked reservations for a panoply of leisure and lifestyle business clients launched the beta version of its newly streamlined platform this fall.

Resmark Systems’ newly designed platform will integrate four powerful distribution, marketing, sales and operations tools directly into a single application. The result? Rather than a quartet trying to play together from a distance, Resmark Systems will have a full symphony under one roof that leads clients to a standing ovation – every time – from their own guests.

“We’re constantly addressing the challenges of conducting business in the fast-paced world of the web,” said Chip Broyles, Business Development Manager for Resmark Systems. “It’s critical that no steps are missed from an initial website visit, to generating a lead, to following up automatically, to closing a sale, to communicating prior to an event, to collecting signatures (related to liability issues) and guest information and to posting trusted reviews.”

A key feature of this ramped up platform iscalled TrueConnect, which allows tour resellers to create their own network, tailoring their tour mix perfectly to their target customers within their unique region.

“TrueConnect is like becoming the Amazon of travel for any given part of the world. You can even customize tour marketing details and pricing via each distribution channel. The result? More sales of your tours and partner tours,” explained Broyles.

In use daily around the clock, Resmark Systems is hosted across multiple servers simultaneously, functioningas both a real-time backup and an automatic fail-safe environment. Should any server ever have an issue, a clone of that server will instantly take over, providing continuous availability to both sales agents and online guests. Because the company has earned a reputation for reliable and dependable service, it has a proven track record of serving some of the biggest tour companies in the world with critical needs that vary from tour to tour.

“Our solutions provide hundreds of elements that can be customized, from dynamic inventory settings, user-defined payment requirements, customized labels and data collection fields, personalized reports, to unlimited lead forms and waiver document templates. The end result is that clients using our flexible tour booking software can run their customer-driven tour and leisure businesses as they see fit,” said Broyles.”

Research shows that companies that have upgraded to Resmark convert 50 to 200 percent more leads than prior to using the system. Its digital liability waiver process called WaiverSign helps eliminate human error and paperwork as it speeds up the process of securing signatures on liability waivers from clients.

"We had a 68.3% increase in online tour sales in the first year using the Resmark reservation system. Choosing this system has been one of the best decisions we've ever made!" Sutton Bacon, CEO of Nantahala Outdoor Center.

For more information and to request early access to the newest version of Resmark, visit or call 888.RESMARK (737.6275).

About Resmark Systems

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Resmark Systems is the leading marketing and reservation software platform created initially for tour operators by leading tour operators who continue to use the system today. Since its inception in 1998, Resmark Systems, initially utilized by rafting companies and adventure outfitters, has diversified its outdoor recreation and resort client base to include such enterprises, for example, as one-off sporting events, school functions and spas. The common denominator among its varied clientele is the need to hand-hold their clients and guests through all five stages of upcoming experiences: Inspiration, Booking, Anticipation, Experiencing and Sharing. The benefits to clients who use Resmark Systems’ integrated programs include freeing up staff and eliminating paper work. Resmark Systems software is designed to manage all functions of the tour operator business from online reservations and marketing to finances and accounting. Resmark provides proven cost savings, comprehensive tracking and reporting and unparalleled lead conversion.

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