Beyond the Telephone - Activity Reservations Made Easy With RESMARK’S TrueConnect

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, July 31, 2019 – The potential for tourism attractions, activity and event companies to grow their reservations through off-site subcontractors and purveyors just grew exponentially.

Why? Because third parties can now see – and book -- real-time inventory for everything from rafting trips on the Colorado River to scenic fight-seeing and zip line tours.

This is thanks to RESMARK Systems’ new channel management and marketplace platform called RESMARK TrueConnect that was launched in early 2019.

For decades tour companies have collaborated with hotel concierges, travel agents, online travel websites, activity desks and even other tour companies to sell their services. This has always been an arduously slow process of phone calls to check availability, emails or calls to make and confirm bookings and more phone calls to keep all the changes up to date. Now, thanks to RESMARK TrueConnect, this process has completely changed.

“The proof is in the pudding. We know that TrueConnect helps expand reservations because we’ve seen it work first hand” said Brandon Lake, Vice President. Earlier this year this platform was tested at Moab Adventure Center in Moab, Utah. Moab Adventure Center now fully utilizes RESMARK Systems' new TrueConnect platform to connect with local suppliers and hotels throughout Moab. As a result, sales growth of tours and activities has been unprecedented.

Sharing real-time inventory of activities with resellers means more spaces filled, with less friction and drama. Whether a client sells day tours that book at the last minute or multi-day adventures that sell months in advance, RESMARK’s new TrueConnect platform allows one to work seamlessly with resellers such as travel agents and local hotels as well as other related businesses.

“We’re just beginning to tap into the potential of this new online booking software. We have never had this level of connectivity and customization available to us. TrueConnect opens up doors for sales that just didn't exist before,” Lake added. 

Lake explained that over the years Moab Adventure Center has developed relationships with some of the best tour companies in Moab for such experiences as zip lining, horseback riding and scenic flights. As demand for activities here has grown, the efforts to coordinate communications back and forth between local hotels and tour companies to check availability have also grown. “The number of phone calls back and forth to check availability, update reservations, and keep everything in sync became incredibly cumbersome,” explained Lake.

In 2019 this all changed. Moab Adventure Center can now sell tours of other Moab businesses that use RESMARK much more easily. Resellers all over Moab have a free RESMARK account that allows them to tap directly into their own inventory of activities and tours and make reservations as if they were simply an extension of Moab Adventure Center. The payback is that they can earn a commission in doing so.

“Reducing the friction in these sales has resulted in tremendous growth,” Lake said. “For example, because the local zip line operator also uses RESMARK, we now tap into their inventory through TrueConnect. We’ve sold almost four times as many tours as last year.  We’ve also sold nearly twice as many scenic flights through another local supplier using the online system.”

“RESMARK TrueConnect allows tour resellers to create their own network, tailoring their tour mix perfectly to their target customers within their unique region. It's like becoming the Amazon of travel for any given part of the world,” Lake added.

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