Flagstaff Snow Park Announces Successful Integration with Resmark and WaiverSign to Manage Bookings and Handle Liability Waivers

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Feb 5, 2020 – One of the snowiest cities in the West is Flagstaff, Arizona. In this urban center alone are over 72,000 people looking for inexpensive ways to enjoy winter.

Jonathan Allen created Flagstaff Snow Park in 2016 to address this need. He estimates in the winter of 2019/2020 that up to 70,000 people will purchase tickets for a tube and sliding space on a slope.

“We’re at a 7,000-foot elevation at the edge of a reliable snow line. For around 10 weeks people flock from Phoenix and all around the desert to fly down our hills, to warm their feet above our open fire pits, to roast marshmallows and even build snowmen. The main thing is that families are playing outside together,” underscores Allen.

Rolling 70,000 people through traditional onsite ticket windows could crush an operation that runs only from mid-December to early March. Allen calculates that onsite staffing needs would be enormous and customer satisfaction challenged by long waits in lines to purchase tickets.

Thanks to technology there’s an easy solution that Allen began implementing in November 2019. Customers can reserve tickets for tubes and slope space digitally from two to five days in advance of arrival. Since mid-December 2019 through early January, upwards of 42,000 clients have used Resmark Systems’ online booking system for tubing reservations.

When clients reach Flagstaff Snow Park, there are service windows for these pre-purchased tickets. At the end of December, the operation installed three kiosks that assist the ticket flow. Those without reservations purchase their tickets at other windows, perhaps running the risk of being turned away if the Park’s occupancy has reached its limit for the day.

This system, notes Allen, works “really smoothly.” Information on pre-purchase tickets is held at specific windows for speedy processing.  Even on busiest days there are never more than 10 to 15 in a pre-purchase line at a time. This system, which works especially well for groups who have pre-purchased, eliminates the one-time lines of 50 or more people waiting to check in.

Allen envisions a near future with two or three kiosks that allow on-site self-check ins for pre-reserved tickets.

All tickets, reserved or not, come with a liability waiver. At the time the reservation is made, people booking online through Resmark are reminded to fill out a digital waiver, thanks to an integrated electronic waiver system called WaiverSign.

“This is really beneficial because Resmark can track who has and who has not completed their waivers,” notes Allen. He is hoping in the near future to add a QR code that will link customers’ handheld devices to the waiver signing website.

Those making purchases at a ticket window must also fill out liability waivers through WaiverSign. This digital process eliminates old-fashioned paper liability waivers.

Recently a leading technology magazine, CIOReview, singled out RESMARK Systems in its annual selection of 20 travel and hospitality companies at the forefront of transforming this industry by capitalizing on the ongoing digital revolution to provide technology solutions.

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