Digital Waiver Systems Emerging as Key Player in Pandemic Contact Tracing

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, June 30, 2020 – In 14th century Nuremberg people in homes infected by the Black Plague were denied egress from their dwellings. This strategy kept the death count far lower in this German city than in the rest of Medieval Europe.

A strategy nearly seven centuries later to slow the course of COVID-19 is an iteration of this draconian measure. We’re asked to be responsible and to stay home. But as bars, beaches, sports events, and political rallies beckon, this isn’t happening and the pandemic is on restart.

What’s a public to do?

Enter Contact Tracing, a strategy whereby people are hired to play detective and follow COVID-19 leads. But this sleuthing is hindered by privacy concerns and dead ends.

However, in Salt Lake City, Utah, a company called WaiverSign has come up with a strategy that allows Contact Tracing to play sleuth digitally. It combines digital waivers with new contact tracing permissions to create the potential for almost instantaneous tracking once an infected contact is reported.

Here’s how.

When digital waivers are signed to allow people to participate in any kind of access or activity, these waivers automatically gather demographic and contact information of all participants.

In this same digital waiver process, businesses open to the public and events of all shapes and sizes can communicate in their electronic agreements the precautionary measures they’re taking against COVID-19 and ask participants to report back to them any positive test results following the event. The waiver, or other COVID-specific agreements, can also ask permission to provide contact information to health organizations for contact tracing purposes. These agreements can also give permission to communicate any potential exposure to others involved in the event.

“Using the WaiverSign platform for well-planned COVID-19 mitigation measures is a way that business and non-profit communities can help our country lessen the burden on an economy that hopes to recover,” said Brandon Lake, CEO of WaiverSign. “The WaiverSign process lends itself perfectly to these other measures. Companies can even create two agreements that the platform efficiently helps participants sign back to back. For example, one agreement might be a standard liability waiver and the other agreement could be specific to COVID and contact tracing.”

A WebMD story reported that one estimate of what it would cost to pay for a year all of the contact tracers needed to reopen the United States is $3.6 billion.

With appropriate and legal-advised wording, digital waivers or contact tracing agreements could give permission to business and events managers to communicate with followers before, during and after an event via email, phone or even social media. Communications can help attendees understand precautions, protocols and expectations regarding COVID-19.

Lake reported that Westin Hotels & Resorts recently signed up to use WaiverSign at several of their properties.

“One of their objectives was specifically around events such as conferences, weddings, and other large gatherings. Beyond protecting the company from liability related to COVID, this is an excellent opportunity to also use WaiverSign to collect event attendee data for contact tracing purposes,” he said.

“Ensuring that companies and event organizers have a plan to collect all participant information so that they can communicate with them is an essential part of any COVID mitigation plan - not only for contact tracing, but also to communicate with attendees regarding other critical information,” noted Lake.

About WaiverSign

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