Resmark Systems’ WaiverSign Excels with Changing COVID Demands Thanks to Innate Flexibility

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Aug. 13, 2020 – Demand for WaiverSign, Resmark Systems’ digital release of liability waiver application is surging to meet more varied requests than its founders in 2013 might have envisioned initially.

Thanks to its intuitive design, this system is meeting a myriad of online waiver and even other electronic document needs created by the current pandemic crisis.

Following is a Q&A with Kate Tucker, WaiverSign’s Business Development Manager, concerning this system’s dynamic flexibility.

What is integral to the platform that allows WaiverSign to be flexible for use beyond liability waivers?

WaiverSign is fully customizable. An example is the ability to offer clients check boxes and even the ability to ask a question where you can have several answers. It can be programmed where the user can just select one answer. I've seen this come into play with specific COVID waivers with business owners presenting COVID symptoms and asking their clients/customers to select any symptoms they've been exhibiting or if they've been exposed to someone with COVID.

Many spas, salons, estheticians and massage therapists have been converting their intake forms to digital to allow their clients to sign before their service. Each service like a facial or massage can have its own unique link. These links can be linked together within the WaiverSign application to produce one unique link for the client to sign so that the signing process can be efficient and easy.

Other common uses of the WaiverSign platform include rental agreements, facility use agreements, amenity agreements, damage release forms, and even consent forms for image use with photography or videography.

What are the more popular features of the platform now coming into play?

One feature that many are finding very useful right now is the "Event Management" feature of WaiverSign. This is allowing business owners to set up specific events, associate them with a date, even assign a coordinator. This has come into play with the hotels that we've set up for their wedding, party and conference business, or sports teams and leagues with practices or games at specific facilities. They are presenting both standard liability waivers and COVID-specific documents and then asking the guests to sign. The custom questions capability on forms is also being used very heavily right now.

How is it being used as a COVID screening tool?

The business owner is relaying COVID language and rules per their state and then asking people to check if they've been exposed or not, whether or not they are exhibiting symptoms, and ensuring they can abide by the COVID mitigation protocols that the organization has in place.

How is WaiverSign being used for photo releases?

Companies often have photographic consent forms or model release forms giving the business permission to use photos or videos of participants in their marketing materials. As this function is similar to a liability waiver (adults signing for themselves and on behalf of minors), the use of WaiverSign for photo releases is a perfect fit.

What are some other “surprises” as regard to applications that appear to be meeting COVID-driven needs?

We've had a nice uptick in large sport team organizations (baseball, soccer, lacrosse, softball) using WaiverSign to have their players agree to COVID statements and also about signing them before practices and tournaments to make sure that no one is exhibiting signs or has been exposed to COVID.

We've equally had an uptick in off-road ATV, UTV parks presenting COVID language to their riders and asking them agree to park terms with new social distancing rules.

We've also had several swim teams sign up to use WaiverSign for the same reasons as above.

Several large, private athletic clubs in Denver, CO; New York City and in Oregon are having their entire membership agree to new rules and policies pertaining to COVID and social distancing, acknowledged via WaiverSign.

What are some other surprising ways the WaiverSign platform is being used by cheerleading groups, personal trainers, salons/spas and others?

These segments of the business have been really strong for WaiverSign. We've seen Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Zumba and personal trainers taking their classes to an online environment during COVID and asking their students to sign waivers as they train from home. Cheerleading teams have had their athletes sign waivers for cheer competitions and training from home as well. Two of the cheerleading teams have also taken their company manuals online, having parents agree to the training regimen and COVID procedures. Salons have also taken it a step further to explain to their clients during the WaiverSign process what can be expected of the cut/color experience during COVID -- new rules about masks, sanitation, lack of magazines that will be available to read, no outside food or drink etc.

Have you had to “tweak” the platform to meet different demands not originally anticipated?           

We've been rather fortunate that with the current flexibility of the system, it has worked very well for all these other needs.

Do these new uses change the way you are marketing WaiverSign?           

We are certainly adapting our messaging to fit with all the new needs that have been coming up over the past few months. We've also been helping see the benefits of using a digital process as we all search for more "contactless" ways to do business right now. For example, WaiverSign can definitely help our clients make the waiver signing process contactless. Business owners can place the waiver link on their websites, send the link out in confirmation emails or texts and also tie the waiver to a QR code so that people can scan the QR code on their own mobile devices so that tablets don't have to be shared or cleaned between signatures during COVID. This can all happen before a service, practice or appointment, creating a seamless and stress-free experience for their client/customer.

Does Resmark Systems have another product in the works based on the changes and demand?

So far, we haven't needed to look at developing additional products as our current WaiverSign platform has been a great fit for most cases. With the added variety in industries, however, we are looking at the build out of some additional features and integrations with platforms that many of our clients use.

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