Companies Touting Diverse Adventures Are Making Paper Waivers Obsolete with WaiverSign

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Jan. 12, 2022– The quest for adventure knows no bounds, from hopping on bikes to visit food hubs in Mexico City to renting yachts at a Chicago boatyard. 

One emerging common denominator in the diverse realm called adventure is WaiverSign, an online servicethat allows tour operators to eliminate paper waivers, simplify the waiver collection process and eliminate manual data-entry for all their participants.

Enthusiasm for WaiverSign runs high. Here are some storiesfrom a handful of WaiverSign clients who are finding major benefits from their switch to WaiverSign.

Forces Wives Challenge is a non-profit organization that raises money for various charities linked to the militaryallows military wives to come together and share adventures.

“WaiverSign ticked all the boxes for our organization. It’s more environmentally friendly, more efficient and so easy to use! Now we can be well prepared before an event with no hassle and cost of hard copies,” said spokesperson Stephanie Quintrell.

Chicago Yachting rents private boats with a captain at the helm, and it rents smaller boats for experienced boaters who don’t require a professional captain.

“We use a liability waiver to make sure that all of our customers understand the risks associated with boating and accept the associated liability,” said spokesperson Chris Brooks. “This liability waiver provides some protection to our company in the case a participant were to be injured or lose/damage personal property during the course of their boat rental. We were seeking a solution for customers to review/consider/sign the waiver in advance of their arrival on site, to help ensure on-time departures.”

WaiverSign creates an event for each boat rental, then creates a signing link associated with each boat rental that links to the company’s liability waiver template.

WaiverSign’s “pay as you go” subscriptionmodel works well for a seasonal business. “We previously worked with firms that required pre-payment of lump packages of waivers and consistently found we were paying for more waivers than we needed,” Brooks added.

Another boating rental operationreported: “I've tried all the waiver systems and WaiverSign is the best. With others, there were always issues and no customer service on weekends when I needed them. We moved to WaiverSign and started using QR codes and I've basically forgotten about it,” said Beau Sisul of Lone Star Party Boat Rental Lake Travis.

Kelsey Bracewell reported that WaiverSign has replaced a constant backlog of PDF trail permits with a far more effective process that is efficient, customer-friendly and reasonably priced for the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail. The Heritage Trailis a 16-mile route across Virginia’s King George County south of the Potomac River. The trail offers walking, running, cycling and other recreational non-motorized uses while preserving 240 acres of wildlife and natural beauty.

In the past trail use permits (waivers) were processed manually or via individually made PDF documents. A growing demand for permits created a backlog that led to WaiverSign. This system delivers a near immediate receipt of permit approval and a copy delivered via email, including email receipts for users.

“We love being able to add custom questions to the release form. We can now gather key information before the trip such as wetsuit size, shoe sizes and medical info. Going paperless and getting the info on a spreadsheet has been so beneficial,” said Bracewell.

Stall High is the #1 Digital Clinic App connecting horse people all over the world. Launched in September 2020, digital clinics and custom horse bits help people achieve improvement in their riding and relationship with their horses, explained Laurie Roth.

“We’ve had many people from all over the country who wanted to share their success on our platform along with pictures and before/after videos. We needed a simple, electronic way for them to give their permission to share their information and media content publicly. WaiverSign is an affordable, user-friendly method for this necessary step. We’ve had a 100 percent return from our customers since implementing this hassle-free software,” she said.

Fernando Luis of FoodHoodMX introduced WaiverSign in lieu of continuing with paper waivers so that the company could put a better professional foot forward. His clients, who rent bikes to cycle to Mexico City’s food hubs, now have time to read the waiver because it is sent prior to the activity. It also generates confidence that this is a serious company.

In Canada, Andres Gomez of the Calgary Cycling Club said that using WaiverSign “gives me peace of mind and I think the pricing is very affordable for what it offers. This year our club grew exponentially and I felt I needed to implement a liability and media release waiver. I also started creating photos and videos from our rides and posting them on Instagram so I wanted to have a media release form so I could post photos and videos of our rides online.” He has also noticed more interest in the club after using WaiverSign. “I think people see that this is a structured club and we take safety seriously.”

WaiverSign ( has experienced a massive spike in signups for its application services. Over the past two years, accounts have grown by nearly 200%.

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