WaiverSign’s Digital Waxing Consent Forms Simplify Lives of Estheticians

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, June 23, 2022 – WaiverSign recently launched an easy-to-use waxing consent form process that simplifies the lives of conscientious estheticians.

“Following advised legal protocols is important to all businesses. Customers immediately recognize that they are in professional hands when asked to sign waxing consent forms,” said Bob Birrell, WaiverSign’s Senior Business Development Manager. “And businesses look more professional and make things easier for customers when using a digital process like WaiverSign.”

Until recently, these forms were paper, perhaps attached to a clipboard with a ballpoint pen. No one wants the hassle of signing paper documents anymore. Your clients have come to expect their waxing experience to be smooth, and that includes consent forms and intake paperwork. Presenting your waxing consent form electronically will dramatically improve your process of collecting signatures and help you provide pain-free service,” said Birrell.

Now that the forms can be presented digitally on hand-held devices, clients can sign anytime, anywhere, and without the pressure of estheticians or others in line waiting for completed paperwork. This contactless and paperless system is easier for businesses and their customers, is less expensive than printing and storing physical forms, and makes it easy to look up any contact or document in seconds.

Erin Temple, owner of The Waxing Room in California, loves the new digital process provided by WaiverSign. “Having clients fill out the consent form before arrival saves us time and energy. We have a QR code on our check-in desk in case customers didn’t use the link or forgot. It’s quick and easy for them to fill out the form on their own device.”

WaiverSign addresses several key questions considerations for estheticians who are establishing protocols for waxing consent forms, intake forms and waivers:

See https://www.waiversign.com/waxing-consent-formfor responses.

WaiverSign’s team behind the scenes works with clients to create a seamless transition from paper to digital. Clients send their consent forms to WaiverSign where the digital experts convert current consent forms and any intake questions to a simple, digital version that people seeking personal waxing treatments can then sign online. Rather than taking up time as customers check in, they can receive their information and consent in advance by a simple link attached to outgoing confirmation texts and email messages. Customers can sign their forms and provide all required information in advance as the digitized forms link to websites, appointment confirmation emails, or a QR code at the check-in counter. Signed forms are then securely stored. A business is notified each time a form is saved and can retrieve any signed form through WaiverSign within seconds.

WaiverSign suggests that businesses seek the advice of counsel when developing consent forms and waivers.

“For a very small investment with a quick turnaround, businesses can work with a skilled attorney to make sure their business is as protected as possible,” said one attorney.

Max Goodman is a Partner at the law firm SmithAmundsen LLC headquartered in Chicago. He is the Chair of SmithAmundsen’s Fitness & Wellness Services Group and a member of SmithAmundsen’s Commercial Litigation and Hospitality Practice Groups.

Goodman explains why a waiver is so crucial for waxing services and other esthetic treatments: “Waxing, as well as other skincare and esthetic treatments, carries unique risks when compared with other beauty services such as hair and nails. These services often involve the use of certain chemicals on sensitive skin. Clients need to be warned about the risks of sun exposure, allergic reactions, bleeding, bruising, infections, pre-care and post-care instructions, and possible interactions with certain medications (including antibiotics). Where there are risks of injury or disfigurement, there are risks of lawsuits. Waivers for these procedures can help lessen the risk of those lawsuits.”

More key questions asked by estheticians can be found at https://www.waiversign.com/waxing-consent-form

WaiverSign (www.waiversign.com/) since 2013 has done extensive research into what motivates an organization or business to step up to the plate to secure liability protection through legal documents called waivers. This Salt Lake City-based company has carved out an international niche by providing intuitive and efficient ways that allow operators to secure digitally-signed liability waivers that are collected, stored and can be retrieved for on-demand information about clients, including activities pursued and where and when.

About WaiverSign

Founded in 2013, WaiverSign offers one of the most efficient, easy-to-use digital liability waivers and electronic liability release solutions available in today’s marketplace. An API (Application Programming Interface) allows other reservation and customer relationship databases to push and pull customer data directly to and from WaiverSign. This provides a simple and fool-proof way for collecting customer information in whatever reservation system being used. For more information, visit online or call 877.741.7705.

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