Western River Expeditions Keeping Rafting Vacations Exciting With Varying Water Levels

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Oct. 12, 2021 – Western River Expeditions, the experts in whitewater river rafting for more than half a century, explain that there’s more than just one way to run a river.

“We pair our guests with one of four different kinds of craft, depending on how adventurous they choose to be, the trip they choose and current water levels,” says co-owner Brandon Lake. In general, each raft type offers a different kind of ride through the waves, holds different amounts of cargo for multi-day expeditions and offers different modes of propulsion. By having a large inventory of raft types, Western can customize the experience for each trip.

Options include Western River Expeditions’ custom-patented J-Rig raft, a comfortable oar rig, a paddle raft, or an inflatable kayak.

Called “The Cadillac of the Colorado”, a motorized J-Rig for up to 18 thrill-seeking passengers is the only craft used by Western River on trips in the Grand Canyon. J-Rigs were built by Western River’s founder Jack Currey. This raft is designed specifically for guests to experience the adventure and thrill of riding the exceptionally large waves on the Colorado River’s whitewater on long expeditions through the Grand Canyon and Cataract Canyon.

Colorado River Trips with J-Rig

●       Grand Canyon 6 or 7-Day Rafting Vacations

●       Grand Canyon 4 Day-River & Ranch Tour

●       Grand Canyon 3 Day-River Trip

●       Cataract Canyon 4-Day River Expedition

Western’s other river rafts come into play when rafting other destinations.

●       Oar-Rig River Raft: A guide wields long oars for strategic maneuvers through calm and whitewater in this 5-passenger craft.

●       Paddle Raft: Up to 8 passengers and a guide, all with paddles, work together to keep the raft afloat through challenging waters. They are great for Class II-III rapids and even Class IV with a skilled guide.

●       Western’s “Duckie” or Inflatable Kayak: Every rapid feels big in an inflatable kayak that’s both buoyant and very maneuverable. Guides point you in the right direction, but the paddling and steering are all up to you.

Utah Rafting Trips with a Variety of Craft

J-Rig, Oar, Paddle and Inflatable Kayak (depending on water levels)

●       2 Day Cataract Canyon Express Trip: Western’s Snout Rig (variation of J-Rig)

●       5 Day Desolation Canyon: Oar and Inflatable Kayak

●       4 Day Southwest Sampler Vacation: Oar, Paddle, Inflatable Kayak

●       4 Day Westwater Multisport Vacation: Oar and Paddle

Idaho, Oregon, and Costa Rica Rafting Trips with Variety of Craft

●       Idaho Rafting (Main Salmon, Middle Fork Salmon, and Lower Salmon Rivers): Oar, Paddle, Inflatable Kayak

●       Oregon Rafting (Rogue River): Oar, Paddle, Inflatable Kayak

●       Costa Rica Rafting (Pacuare River): Paddle

For a copy of Western River Expeditions’ 2022 catalog, questions, availability and reservations call toll-free: 866.904.1160 (Local: 801.942.6669) or visit the website at: http://www.westernriver.com/.

About Western River Expeditions

Western River Expeditions is an adventure travel company headquartered in Salt Lake City, with operations and offices in Moab, Utah and Fredonia, Arizona. Annually from March through October it escorts more people down rivers on professionally guided rafting trips in Utah, Idaho and Arizona than any other company. It is the largest licensed outfitter in the Grand Canyon and the largest single tour provider in Moab, UT, through its division Moab Adventure Center (http://www.moabadventurecenter.com/).

Western River Expeditions, providing Grand Canyon rafting, Utah and Idaho rafting, and international multi-sport trips, was founded in 1961 by Colorado River rafting pioneer Jack Currey. It has been named one of the “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth” by the editors of National Geographic Adventure magazine. The company is the proud recipient of the "Best of State" award through Utah’s Premier Recognition and Awards Program for the past seventeen consecutive years (2004-2020).

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