Canine Training, Trout Fishing and River Tubing Now Have Something in Common: WaiverSign

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Aug. 21, 2019 –WaiverSign, a leading online liability waiver solution, removes the headache of collecting paper liability waivers for participants. Three highly diverse clients have just signed on.

Two of these companies provide water-based adventures centered around trout fishing or river tubing, while the third client trains dogs. Each wanted to step up internal efficiencies and customer experiences by shifting to an electronic waiver solution with WaiverSign. As a result, customers are able to sign waivers digitally on electronic devices rather than paper waivers that then have to be sorted, filed and stored.

In Colorado, Jeff Kagan has helped spearhead Tube to Work Day that after 12 years has become a Boulder tradition. This is an aquatic inner-tube commute down Boulder Creek that this year drew more than 1,200 thrill seekers in helmets and some in full-office garb. Event sponsors raise money to assist Boulder’s homeless population.

“WaiverSign worked beautifully for our event. It allowed our participants to register in less than a minute with fun graphics and easily customized forms to gather only the data we need, noted organizer Jeff Kagan. “Furthermore, the customer service was fast and personal. Kate and Colleen from the WaiverSign office answered all of my questions within one business day and got our waiver live the very next day. As an event organizer in need of swift support, WaiverSign’s customer care made all the difference!" Because this is a non-profit, Resmark Systems assisted the cause by providing a 20 percent discount on billing for the event host. 

Crystal Ranch Lodge & Resort is a 500-acre fly-fishing destination in western Utah. Here guests cast their hearts away on three miles of prime fly-fishing over two private, trout-packed streams. But this happens only after they’ve signed liability waivers.

“WaiverSign makes gathering and collecting the waivers needed so much easier for us and our clients. One of the biggest benefits we didn't expect was the fact that we now collect emails from every client who signs an online waiver. We always send out an email after each trip asking for feedback or a review. Now that we have emails for every member, we get several reviews where we used to only get one or two. Our email marketing list is growing much faster as well which is worth the cost of our WaiverSign subscription on its own,” said Lane Nygren, Marketing Director.

Before implementing WaiverSign, group organizers visiting Crystal Ranch with their group were in charge of emailing to each group member PDF waivers that had to be printed, signed, scanned and emailed back to the lodge.

“The process was cumbersome for everyone and particularly painful for us since we had no way of easily tracking and following up with each client,” Nygren added.

Another new client acquired by WaiverSign includes two dog psychology centers run by the dog whisperer, Cesar Millan. The centers are located in southern California and Florida. However, before any “whispering” begins, people connected with visiting canines are asked to sign waivers. 

"The Dog Psychology Center and Training Cesar’s Way are new to, but the experience has been exceptional so far,” underscored Kim Glass, Director of Training and Operations. “Customer service was quick to respond to my questions and requests. The team built our waiver site overnight and had us up and running in just over a day. Being paperless and having each event digitally categorized for searches is a relief -- no more paper filing. Emailing the signed copy back to our students who have traveled from all over the world is an added bonus. We look forward to having a long-lasting relationship with WaiverSign."

In the nearly two decades since the Federal eSIGN act was passed into law (June 2000), companies have become comfortable with digital technology. Today they’re reaching out to see how this technology can help them grow.

“The travel industry is internet savvy. Now other industries, including recreation, are beginning to see the benefits of presenting waivers digitally rather than on paper,” says Kate Tucker, Business Development Manager for WaiverSign.

The benefits of going digital include immediate document retrieval, redundant and secure storage opportunities plus increased document integrity. Digital signature collection also means that companies can gather much more usable data simply because that data is readily accessible and typed and legible -- not hand-written.

Using virtually any web-enabled mobile device, parents or legal guardians can immediately sign digital waivers in English, Spanish, or French for their children engaging in youth activities. An Event Management feature communicates to the event organizer and provides easy access to a printable list of names for managing event participants. It can identify and locate groups of people who signed a particular waiver or set of waivers for a certain activity on a specific day.

Lawyers like the fact that through a digital program people have access to documents they can read carefully and sign before they arrive at an activity destination so there’s no last-minute signing situation. The signed document is also delivered with the signer’s email address. Old paper waivers didn’t do that.

“WaiverSign offers a clean, solid product that customers appreciate when comparing other options. Add in simple, straight-forward digital waiver pricing, mix that with a support team that works directly one-on-one with customers, and it’s easy to see why WaiverSign is being adopted so quickly by so many different types of companies. We have a recipe designed to grow WaiverSign's client base at a pace we've not seen in years past,” Tucker adds. "We fully expect this growth trend to continue. It's been a wonderful couple of years.”

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