Yoga & Wellness Professionals Embrace WaiverSign at an Incredibly Fast Pace

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Jan. 20, 2022 – The stats are mind-boggling. For example, the number of yoga practitioners in the United States has almost doubled in the past decade. Now one in 10 Americans do yoga, making the United States one of the top countries where it is practiced.

Even through the pandemic, yoga practitioners around the country have found ways to keep premises open and clients limber and engaged.

One critical tool for yoga professionals continues to be a contractual agreement between practitioner and client that acknowledges the inherent risk in pursuing this activity. This tool is called a yoga liability waiver.

A Salt Lake City-based company, WaiverSign (, has carved out an international niche for itself by providing intuitive and efficient ways that allow operators to secure digitally-signed liability waivers that are collected, stored and can be retrieved for on-demand information about clients, including activities pursued and where and when.

The yoga industry has found WaiverSign to be a smart, hassle-free and contact-free way to handletheir liability and exposure.  When compared to pre-pandemic (2019) numbers, the quantity of yoga and related wellness clients of WaiverSign has nearly tripled.

“Already in 2022, we see this strong growth trend continuing, as providers are looking for ways to simplify customer processes, get more organized and help the environment,” said Kate Tucker, Business Development Manager. “WaiverSign is being wrapped into business models and protocols for companies of all shapes and sizes.”

The premise of WaiverSign is that it should be easy for both companies and for their clients. This element is particularly important in the environment where yoga is being practiced.  A yoga studio is designed to help people relax, find balance, be strengthened and de-stress. Handing out paper liability forms can disrupt the experience. With digital waivers, creating or modifying a release and waiver of liability form is easy, and signing is even easier. Gone are the days of dealing with paper waivers. A digital waiver makes yoga studio owners, teachers or independent contractors all appear more professional. Here’s how:

  • Collecting signatures digitally is contactless, paperless and less expensive than printing and storing paper
  • Information on release forms can be easily updated
  • It’s easy to look up any contact or document in seconds
  • Release forms can be custom-branded

In addition to liability waivers, yoga and wellness businesses also find WaiverSign helpful in serving up their membership agreements as WaiverSign can provide a single link to sign both agreements at once.

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About WaiverSign

Founded in 2013, WaiverSign offers one of the most efficient, easy-to-use digital liability waivers and electronic liability release solutions available in today’s marketplace. An API (Application Programming Interface) allows other reservation and customer relationship databases to push and pull customer data directly to and from WaiverSign. This provides a simple and fool-proof way for collecting customer information in whatever reservation system being used. For more information, visit or call 877.741.7705.

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