A Gallop into the World of Digital Liability Waivers Frees Up the Reins at Ranches and Riding Stables, Reports WaiverSign

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, April 27, 2022 – Ranch and riding stable teams who have galloped into the world of digital horseback riding liability waivers have found new support and freedom in the saddle. 


Gone are the days of sorting out who has/has not signed a paper waiver and then managing the barrage of signed paper waivers that have to be sorted and stored.

The go-to company for the latest trend in digital waiver applications and equine liability waiver service is WaiverSign. Doug Cole shares his evolution to digital waivers and the WaiverSign format as an outfitter who pre-dates digital media. Now he applies this evolving technology at Marble Mountain Ranch on the Klamath River in northern California.

In his early raft guiding days, he recalls, “We wouldcarry our hard copy liability release form to river’s edge as part of our orientation talk.” The downside of this strategy was that in a court of law the river’s edge signing process could be construed as coercion: “Sign now, or you don’t get on the river.”

He explains that WaiverSign provides a stronger legal basis. Someone who is considering a booking has immediate access to the waiver and can sign online as part of the reservation process prior to arrival at the ranch.

“They cannot argue that they had no time to read or that they were under duress. They have easy access to release forms. The digital system totally abolishes the argument that they didn’t know what it was,” he explains.

Marble Mountain Ranch can accommodate up to 30 guests who pursue, in addition to traditional horseback activities, whitewater rafting, kayaking, sporting clays and shooting sports, ATV rides, paintball, and fly fishing. Each activity and exposures not specifically enumerated are all covered in a single release form. If legal counsel recommended separate releases for each activity, WaiverSign could accommodate that as well and even provide a single signing link for applying an electronic signature to multiple documents in a single, easy flow for the guest.

Near Seattle in Port Orchard, WA, the horse stables known as The Whole Horse Place focus on helping ages six to grandparents understand and appreciate horses as well as the safety protocols that make animal and human interactions more enjoyable. Waivers are among its administrative protocols. WaiverSign’s digital technology has been in place since February 2022.

“It’s easier to have people sign waivers before they come,” reports Tina Meekins, spokeswoman. Now when clients arrive, instead of handing out paper waivers, her team is freed up to help guests become comfortable with their boots and helmets.

WaiverSign is hand-tailored to fit the specific needs of the companies it serves. In the case of this company, the digital waiver can help protect privacy.  Sometimes accompanying adults for personal reasons request that photos of their children not be taken and circulated. Guests can’t sign off on the digital waivers until all the boxes (questions) are checked. 

“Oh man, it cost me a lot of money to run off those paper waivers,” Meekin recalls. Now with waivers signed digitally her team is freed up to work with students in half-day and whole-day classes.

In addition to summer horse camps, throughout the year there are, among others, courses targeting home-schoolers and family bonding opportunities.

On the Brazos River in Satin, Texas, 25 minutes from Waco, the 600-acre Moon River Ranch can sleep over 250 guests. Activities include horseback riding, kayaking, skeet shooting, axe throwing and exotic animal safaris.  Each activity requires a liability waiver.

Before signing onto WaiverSign in the summer of 2021, the ranch used old forms printed and physically signed. “Now liability and contracts get signed with one stroke of the keyboard instead of 5,000 pieces of paper floating around. On a ranch there aren’t a lot of places to put paper,” says Cayla Pagels, spokeswoman.

WaiverSign (www.waiversign.com/) has done extensive research into what motivates an organization or business to step up to the plate to secure liability protection through legal documents called waivers, explains Bob Birrell, WaiverSign’s Senior Business Development Manager. This Salt Lake City-based company has carved out an international niche by providing intuitive and efficient ways that allow organizations to secure digitally signed liability waivers that are collected, stored, and can be retrieved for on-demand information about clients, including valuable marketing and demographic information which many businesses never had before using WaiverSign.

“Providers are looking for ways to simplify customer processes, get more organized and help the environment,” he adds. “WaiverSign is being wrapped into business models and protocols for companies of all shapes and sizes.”

Following are some advantages groups and business now recognize when using WaiverSign:

  • Collecting waivers is simplified by using digital rather than paper
  • Communicating and updating information on liability forms does not involve re-printing
  • Digital waivers can provide custom branding for a more professional look
  • Check-ins for groups and individuals are simplified and sped-up
  • Digital information can be securely stored indefinitely
  • Waivers can be customized per activity/adventure
  • Waivers can be site specific
  • Waivers can address multiple language needs
  • Signing activity waivers for minors is easier for parents and guardians to accomplish through WaiverSign

Over the past year, WaiverSign has also seen a lot of uptake for event liability waivers, bounce house waivers, church activity waivers, horseback riding liability waivers, trampoline parks, swimming pool waivers, church activity waivers, sports waivers, personal trainer waivers, gym and fitness waivers, yoga liability waivers, and even waxing consent forms.

About WaiverSign

Founded in 2013, WaiverSign offers one of the most efficient, easy-to-use digital liability waivers and electronic liability release solutions available in today’s marketplace. An API (Application Programming Interface) allows other reservation and customer relationship databases to push and pull customer data directly to and from WaiverSign. This provides a simple and fool-proof way for collecting customer information in whatever reservation system being used. For more information, visit https://www.waiversign.com/ or call 877.741.7705.

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