How to Double Trip Bookings - ResmarkWeb Outlines 10 “Musts” for Tour Operator Home Pages

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, April 3, 2024 – The home page counts. In fact, savvy tour operators may even double their bookings if they follow basic home page guidelines recommended by the experts at ResmarkWeb.

“As a tour operator, you want your website to be engaging and trustworthy and to capture potential customers. This means your pages must have a clean and compelling design, be easily readable, and quickly navigable while representing what you have to offer,” underscores Nikki Desantis, ResmarkWeb’s Marketing Director.

DeSantis predicts that enhanced booking successes will follow if the tour operator's home page includes the following 10 elements:

1.           Engaging Branding and Color Scheme– Create a consistent visual appeal by harnessing the power of imagery with a recognizable logo and the use of color to evoke desired emotions.

2.           Clear and Concise Heading– Choose words that grab the attention of visitors and compel them to explore further. Tie the heading to the deepest emotional needs of your visitors.

3.           Representative Images– Select high-quality, authentic pictures that will evoke emotions. Invest in professional photography if necessary. A stunning image will pay for itself over and over.

4.           Easy-to-Navigate Menu– Start off on the right foot with visitors by providing an intuitive menu that allows the visitor to effortlessly find what they want. A well-structured menu will decrease bounce time and improve SEO by categorizing information logically, such as dividing tours by destination, type or duration. It should be intuitive, with clear labels and a straightforward layout visible on both desktop and mobile devices. Dropdown menus may be useful for subcategories as well.

5.           Search Functionality– Save visitors time and effort by providing a clear path so they can quickly locate specific tours, destinations or information. Position search features prominently and consistently and ensure that the search feature returns well-organized results that filter for dates, locations, or other characteristic information that can further streamline the search process.

6.           Information About Your Business– Build trust with visitors by providing a company history. Explain why the company is unique in the industry. In addition to the company’s expertise and experience, create deeper connections with visitors by sharing the company’s business values and mission. If possible, share how the business is giving back to the community. This information reassures visitors of a company’s authenticity and commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences.

7.           Trust Badges and Certifications– Display industry accreditations, awards, professional affiliations, and traveler review ratings from well-known platforms to establish credibility and build confidence with potential customers.

8.           Social Proof– Testimonials from satisfied customers are powerful endorsements that add a layer of trust and authenticity, more effectively swaying decision-making than standard, biased company marketing content.

9.           Compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons– Whether booking a tour, requesting information or signing up for a newsletter, the call to action that increases user engagements and conversion rates should be clear, concise and action-oriented, visually striking in contrasting colors and placed strategically on the page to catch the user's attention.

10.       Contact Information and Live Chat– Ensure phone numbers, emails, and physical addresses are easy to find. Real-time communications with live chat options enhance user experience and increase the chances of conversion by providing timely and personalized support.

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Dena Merrill, proprietor of Viking Yurt in the Wasatch Mountains near Park City, Utah, sought a mobile-friendly tour operator website concept for her 20-year-old website. “The collaboration with ResmarkWeb to build the website was very pleasant and a lot of fun. They matched our enthusiasm for the new venture and were full of creative ideas. They were very clear and realistic about what they could do and how quickly, and were very thorough about what they needed from us to accomplish our goal.”

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