Western River Expeditions Suggests Early-Bird Reservations For 2023 Family Rafting Vacations

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, NOV. 18, 2022 – The gurus of river rafting, Western River Expeditions, want everyone to fulfill their bucket lists with a river rafting vacation in 2023.

But there’s a catch.

The number of people fulfilling their river rafting dreams in the 2022 season exceeded pre-pandemic levels. Next year bookings are looking equally strong.

“Inquiries and bookings for the 2023 season are coming in earlier and heavier than usual. This augurs well for another upward trend in 2023 but underscores how important is for the early bird to make reservations now,” said Brandon Lake, co-owner and CMO.He underscored that family vacation dates are especially popular and are filling fast.

Why are such trips so loved by families? Lake referenced an industry colleague of Western River Expeditions who espouses the benefits that come to families who share a whitewater rafting vacation. Following is a synopsis of points made by Ben Sack, a rafting outfitter in Colorado.

Benefit #1: Family Rafting Increases Family Bonds by teaching kids to value time spent with their family; it strengthens bonds between siblings; and it can also help kids anticipate family time, rather than being dragged along to events or places that they perceive won’t interest them.

Benefit #2: Rafting Gets Kids (and Parents) Active by waking up the physical body. Adrenaline helps you to push your body and get a quality upper-body and core workout, all while enjoying every moment of paddling through exciting whitewater.

Benefit #3: White Water Rafting Connects Kids to Nature while rafting by or hiking through rugged wilderness rife with wildlife and geology.

Benefit #4: Rafting is Doable by Everyone from youngsters to seniors.

Benefit #5: White Water Rafting is FUN! When it comes down to it, the favorite benefit that comes from rafting is pretty simple: it’s a really good time!

“On a multi-day rafting trip, these benefits are accentuated,” says Lake. “Most families rate our rafting trips as one of the best family vacations they have ever experienced. Particularly today, the need for parents and children to disconnect and spend quality time together without distraction is greater than ever before.”

Here’s a sampling of Western River Expeditions’ 2023 rafting vacations with a family focus.

Green River 5-Day Desolation Canyon AdventureThis is one of the few trips anywhere that is as much fun for ages five, as it is for teens, parents and grandparents. The river and rapids on the Green River through Desolation Canyon are more fun than furious while paddling inflatable kayaks or sitting in guide-powered oar boats. There are easy hikes to Moonshiner's Cabin and abandoned ranches. Per person adult rates are from $1,955; rates for ages 5-15 are from $1,255. https://www.westernriver.com/desolation-canyon

Moab, Utah Vacation “Southwest Sampler”Several things make this a great vacation package for families, perhaps especially for those with younger children. The activities packed into this Sampler trip are perfect for getting familiar with what the Moab area has to offer. But they are also paced in such a way as to avoid feeling pushed. Top off the last two days with a trip down the Colorado River through Castle Valley. Per person adult rates are from $855; rates for ages 5-15 are from $730. https://www.westernriver.com/moab-utah-vacation-sampler

2024 Grand Canyon 4 Day Rafting & Ranch tour: Good ol' cowboy charm is alive and well at the Bar 10 Ranch on the remote northern rim of the Grand Canyon. Delight in a day of ranch activities like skeet shooting, roping, horseback or ATV rides; enjoy meals prepared in the style of the west; and before bunking down in your covered wagon or cabin, enjoy cowboy entertainment. In the morning, ride a helicopter over the edge of the canyon rim and plunge into three days of river rafting on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. Per person adult rates are from $2,275 for all, minimum age 9. NOTE: 2023 dates are sold out. 2024 season dates open for bookings on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at 6:00 PM Mountain Time. https://www.westernriver.com/grand-canyon-rafting-tour

Lower Salmon River 5-Day ExpeditionSelect departures of the Lower Salmon are set apart exclusively for families. That's true dedication to the "Family Magic" that happens on rafting trips! The rapids of the Lower Salmon River are exciting, a little challenging and full of surprising splash - just like kids! Experience these rapids in an inflatable kayak or from the guide-powered oar boat. A simple evening menu, designed especially for kids, is available an hour before the more elaborate meal for the adults. Per person adult rates are from $1,990; rates for ages 5-15 are from $1,860. https://www.westernriver.com/lower-salmon-river

For more details on these trips please see https://www.westernriver.com/best-family-adventure-vacations

For a copy of Western River Expeditions’ 2023 catalog, questions, availability and reservations call toll-free: 866.904.1160 (Local: 801.942.6669) or visit the website at: http://www.westernriver.com/.

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