What Makes Utah’s Cataract Canyon So Unique Among River Trips?

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, July 13, 2023 – Western River Expeditions, the recognized guru when it comes to rafting western rivers, is letting the cat out of the bag. Cataract Canyon, the section of the Colorado River that flows through the heart of Canyonlands National Park may be the nation’s premier river trip in terms of excitement and diversity.

Here’s why.

In the spring, with runoff from mountain snowpack, the rapids hold the distinct honor as the biggest whitewater in North America. As the snowmelt subsides, so do the rapids, sort of.

In high water season Western usually uses its patented J-rig craft. It's a big boat, thirty-seven feet long and about sixteen feet wide, with a thirty-horse power motor on the back. In peak spring runoff from May through June, J-rigs are the best for comfort, power, and mobility.

Once the water drops, paddle and oar boats are utilized putting participants closer to the water and action. Most experienced guides say paddle boating Cataract Canyon is one of their favorite river experiences.

After river rafters have grown accustomed to paddling through relatively serene waters at the start of the trip, there comes a real wake-up call. Each participant is called upon to come together as a team to maneuver themselves and their boat through rollicking class lII-V rapids that have been lurking in the distance on this 100-mile river trip.

Says Jeff, one of the company’s veteran river guides, Paddle boating in Cataract Canyon is where the guest has more of an opportunity to be truly a part of the experience, and where you feel every single wave and it’s so fun. Every wave makes you feel like you are on a wild roller coaster ride.”

He adds, “Another thing that is just completely unique to Cataract Canyon is the bonding that one feels, the bonding that happens between the passengers and crew. We experience everything together and thru challenges and triumphs we can really get to know each other and create relationships that go far beyond the four days we share.”

He goes on to explain, “What’s been very special for me is to see the transformation that the outdoors has on people. I’ve seen these places; I’ve experienced them; they changed me first and now bringing people here to see them change confirms to me how special a Western River Expedition through Cataract Canyon is.”

Cataract Canyon was formed by the confluence of two of the West’s largest rivers, the Green and the Colorado, just south of Moab, Utah. In this majestic setting called “The Confluence,” Cataract Canyon begins. Bolstered by the Green River, the Colorado Riverdoubles its force and carves a deep, 100-mile-long chasm through the center of Canyonlands National Park. Over this 100-mile course, guests experience class III-V whitewater. On land, there are ample opportunities to explore waterfalls (on early-season trips) and Native American ruins and pictographs.

Most of the Colorado River flowing through Cataract Canyon is not restrained by dams. This contrasts with the flow of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon where the water level is regulated by the Glen Canyon Dam. This spring’s exemplary snowpack feeding the river is promising greater-than-ever adventure returns when it comes to the play of the rapids and longevity of the season.

Western River Expeditions offers two versions of a rafting adventure through Cataract Canyon:

Cataract Canyon Express 2-Day Adventure at $895 per person for adults and youth (12+) engages high-speed, custom rafts to rapid journey through the Colorado River’s legendary 100-mile Cataract Canyon in just two days. There are plenty of splashes through class III-V rapids. For details see https://www.westernriver.com/cataract-canyon-express

Cataract Canyon 4-Day Expedition at $1,825 for adults and $1,325 for youth (10-15) is a more leisurely four-day rafting journey over 100 river miles combing the beauty of Canyonlands National Park with on-river thrills through class III-V rapids. Guests conclude this adventure with a stunning flight over Canyonlands National Park on their return to Moab. The trip includes the pleasures of camping under the stars and dining on freshly-prepared meals. For details see https://www.westernriver.com/cataract-canyon-rafting.

Other rafting trips on the Colorado River and neighboring Green River in Utah are also expected to have excellent higher water levels this spring and summer. They include five-day trips through Desolation Canyon on the Green Riverand full-day trips into Westwater Canyon on the Colorado Riverjust upriver from Cataract Canyon.

Although Western River Expeditions’ rafting adventures on iconic rivers in the West have been in greater demand than ever this summer, there is still time to grab one of the last spots on a Cataract Canyon or Desolation Canyon trip for 2023.

For a copy of Western River Expeditions’ 2023 catalog, questions, availability and reservations call toll-free: 866.904.1160 (Local: 801.942.6669) or visit the website at: http://www.westernriver.com/.

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Western River Expeditions is an adventure travel company headquartered in Salt Lake City, with operations and offices in Moab, Utah and Fredonia, Arizona. Annually from March through October it escorts more people down rivers on professionally guided rafting trips in Utah, Idaho and Arizona than any other company. It is the largest licensed outfitter in the Grand Canyon and the largest single tour provider in Moab, UT, through its division Moab Adventure Center (http://www.moabadventurecenter.com/).

Western River Expeditions, providing Grand Canyon rafting, Utah and Idaho rafting, and international multi-sport trips, was founded in 1961 by Colorado River rafting pioneer Jack Currey. In 2023 it was chosen by the readers of USA Today 10Best as the #2 rafting company in the nation. The company is also the proud recipient of the "Best of State" award through Utah’s Premier Recognition and Awards Program for the past nineteen consecutive years (2004-2022).

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